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Michelle Lee, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Jane is the driving force behind the company. She loves to keep her hands full by participating in the development of the software, cybersecurity, and digital transformation strategies.

Mich Stark, Chief Operating Officer

Mich is a seasoned professional with years of experience as a Commercial Director in the technology industry. He has played a key role in the success of many companies and is known for his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Mark Turner, CTO

Aline is a true leader in the technology industry, mentoring a team of over 100 in-house developers and fostering a community of thousands of developers worldwide.

Iris Joe, Computer Consultant

With her extensive experience in the technology industry, Iris is able to provide expert advice and solutions to help businesses improve their computer systems and operations. She is dedicated to driving success and leveraging her professional acumen to take companies to the next level.